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" Very effective system for filing CR "

Economics & Statistics

" This paperless CR filing system is really user friendly and convenient "

Shaheed Vadakkethil
Industries & Commerce

" SCORE is a simple and easy to use online platform to submission of confidential reports. "

Motor Vehicles Department

" This App is very usefull, Simple, Transparent and friendly. Congratulations to all officers for their sincere efforts behind this venture. Thanks to all "

Princy M D

" User friendly software. Thanks to the team who all behind 'SCORE'. "


" Hassle-free application to submit CR. thanks to the developers and its propounders. "

Education (Higher Secondary)

" Thanks Team Score. Very easy to use ??. "

Kerala General Service(Finance)

" Score is very simple and effective. "

Pradip K S
Rural Development

" When using SCORE employee feel more comfortable than manual procedure, Also good response from SCORE Support Team "

Preman M P

" This system is very user friendly.Very easy to submit CR.Thanks to the team behind this effort. "

Shaju John

" SCORE is very simple and user friendly. Surely our State is growing towards more IT enabled office administration levels. "

Safeer S
LSGD Engineering Wing(LID and EW)

" SCORE is very user friendly. Very easy to submit CR. But by using Engineering staff some feelds are not enough to reflect our nature of work. So kindly add such type technical job chart such as supervision of publicworks, Design skills, scutinising technical datas etc...However procedure is so simple and transparent, Thanks to all team members behind this effort. "

Prajeesh Sasi

" It's a simple and user friendly paperless application "

Nisamudheen Vellathumatil
Finance Department

" Simple and effectual initiative "

Umesh B
Secretariat General Administration Department

" Thanks for such an awesome user friendly device.Now CR submission by tracing the higher officers physically is an old story.Thanks for digitizing.If there a mechanism to remind the higher officials to verify the CRs of the subordinates under submission will be an added boon "

Anitha V G

" Speedy response from CR Cell.Thank you very much "

Dr B Abhilash

" This is an accomplishment of Government of Kerala by the result of hard work, strong dedication, and courage of team SCORE and deserves heartfelt, sincere, and warm congratulations... "

Aseem A
Secretariat General Administration Department

" Score is effective, simple and transparent. The procedures to register and to file CRs on the platform are really simple. Congrats to team SCORE! "

Sunilkumar V
Finance Department

" Thanks to IT-Software for rolling out such a super software "

Sunitha V K
Finance Department

" SCORE has made the process of CR filing easy and transparent. The application has translated the existing process into an efficient and user friendly system. Smartly designed with ample documentation so that specific end-user training is not required. Appreciate the Master Mind and the Team behind this effort. "

Dinesan A K
Finance Department

" This app is very user friendly. Very easy to submit CR. Hearty congratulations to the team behind this effort "