The Process involved in preparation of Select List

The select list shall be prepared in the manner indicated herein.

  • (1) Selection of candidates for appointment to selection categories or grade shall be made by Departmental Promotion Committees constituted for each Department.
  • (2) A Departmental Promotion Committee shall consist of a member of the Public Service Commission and,__
    • (a) In the case of a Departmental Promotion Committee for selection to a post other than the lowest post in the State Service, the Appointing Authority or in case the Appointing Authority is the Government, a nominee of the Government, and the Head of the Department concerned:
    • (b) In the case of a Departmental Promotion Committee for selection to the lowest post in the State Service, the Appointing Authority for the post and a nominee of the Government not below the rank of a Deputy Secretary who is in charge of the administration of the Department concerned.
  • (3) The member of the Public Service Commission shall be the Chairman of the Departmental Promotion Committee and the authority to initiate action and to function as Convener of the Committee shall be the appointing authority.
  • (4) The Committee shall meet periodically to prepare select lists,in the order of merit, of the Officers selected for appointment. The Committee may also hold ad hoc meetings for the purpose of making selections to particular vacancies whenever occasion arises. The criterion for assessment of merit shall be the confidential reports of the officers. The confidential reports of the officers for at least the preceding three years shall be made available to the Committee for this purpose. Where remediable adverse remarks recorded in the confidential report of a Government Servant are not communicated to the officer concerned, such remarks shall be ignored by the Departmental Promotion Committee while considering his case for promotion. The following procedure shall be adopted by the Departmental Promotion Committee for the preparation of select lists:
    • (a) Select lists shall be prepared during a calendar year for the vacancies estimated to arise in the next calendar year;
    • (b) During the first six months of the year action shall be taken to make all the Confidential Reports up-to-date, adverse remarks communicated, and orders for expunging such remarks issued wherever necessary. Simultaneously seniority lists shall also be made up-to-date and probation of officers in the field of choice declared. Confidential Reports and seniority lists shall be made up to date before 30th June;
    • (c) *** *** *** *** *** ***
    • (d) During September/October the Departmental Promotion Committees will be convened and select lists prepared which will be notified before 30th November and in any case not later than December 31. If any officer becomes qualified after the preparation of the select list, but, before the occurrence of the vacancy, the Departmental Promotion Committee shall meet subsequently and his name shall be considered for inclusion in the select list;
    • (e) At the time of change over from the existing system the number of vacancies for the current year and the next year shall be considered together.
  • (5) On matters in respect of which there is difference of opinion, the views of the majority of the members of the Committee shall prevail. Provided that where the Member of the Public Service Commission requires that the Public Service Commission shall be consulted before final recommendation is made, such consultation shall be made.
  • (6) The Departmental Promotion Committee shall first decide the field of choice, that is, the number of eligible officers awaiting appointment who should be considered for inclusion in the "Select list". Provided, however, that an officer of outstanding merit, and his seniors, if any, in the category or grade may be included in the list of eligibles even if he or such seniors are outside the normal field of choice.
  • (7) The "Select List" shall be prepared from among the eligible officers on the basis of merit and ability, seniority being a consideration only when all the qualifications are equal. The number of names to be included in the "Select List" shall be the same as the estimated number of vacancies likely to arise during the next year. Supplemental lists may be prepared in case the lists already prepared get exhausted before the close of the year to which they relate so as to obviate the necessity for convening meetings of Departmental Promotion Committees at short notice or keeping of posts unfilled and thereby causing administrative inconvenience. Persons selected for inclusion in the Select List shall be ranked in the Select List according to their seniority in the feeder category. When the Special Rules provide for a definite ratio or order of preference from the feeder categories,persons from each feeder category shall be included in separate select lists and appointment shall be made in accordance with the ratio or order of preference prescribed by such Special Rules for each feeder category.
  • (8)
    • (a) The select list prepared by the Department Promotion Committee in the manner referred to above shall be published by the Convener of the Committee after approval by the Government. Normally no revision of such select list shall be made under Rule 29 on the basis of re-evaluation of the confidential reports. However, if any officer who has been superseded and whose name has not been included in the list makes, within one month from the date of publication of the list, a written representation to the convener of the Departmental Promotion Committee requesting a revision of the list, the Committee shall consider the representation. After going through the representation, if the Committee feels that some clarification should be obtained from the superseded officer by personal hearing, if may do so and on the basis of such representation and personal hearing if it is of the view that the list already prepared should be revised, it may make a recommendation to the effect. The list shall then be revised accordingly and published by the Convener after approval by the Government.
    • (b) Wherever Government consider that there are exceptional circumstances Which warrant a departure from the advice of the Departmental Promotion Committee in the public interest, the Departmental Promotion Committee shall be given a fresh opportunity to consider the proposals of the Government to revise the select list. If on Receipt of the recommendation of the Departmental Promotion Committee, Government still feel that there are exceptional circumstances which warrant a departure from the advice of the Departmental Promotion Committee in the public interest, they may take a decision accordingly. In that case it will be open to the Public Service Commission to include the matter in the Annual Report: Provided that the power under this paragraph shall not be exercised after the expiry of one year from the date on which the select list was prepared by the Departmental Promotion Committee.
  • (9) The "Select List" shall be reviewed annually and it shall remain in force until it is revised. Names of those officers who have already been appointed shall be removed from the list and the rest of the names along with those officers who may now be included in the field of choice, shall be considered for the "Select List" for the subsequent period. A person included in an earlier select list, shall, however, be ranked above a person considered for a subsequent list, unless his conduct and work subsequent to such inclusion renders it necessary that he should be placed lower in the list or his name may be omitted from the list if there is definite deterioration in the work and conduct of the Officer subsequent to his inclusion in the select list for the previous year, as the case may be.
  • (10) The claims of a person who qualifies himself for a post, after the select list in respect of that post has been prepared but before the date of occurrence of the vacancy in the higher post shall not be over looked.
  • (11) The select list shall be reviewed and revised for the purpose of sub-clause (10) in cases where the acquisition of an extra qualification or the gaining of a prescribed period of experience is insisted on as conditions precedent to the selection to the higher post. In such cases the following procedure shall be followed:____ The Convener of the Departmental Promotion Committee concerned should bring to the specific notice of the Committee the case of all senior hands who are being overlooked in drawing up the select list for want of qualification or experience and who are likely to acquire that qualification or experience during the pendency of the list. The select list drawn up at the meeting shall be treated as provisional to the extent to which it relates to the junior hands included in the select list whose seniors are likely to become fully qualified during the pendency of the list. When such senior hands acquire the qualification and/or experience which would make them eligible for appointment, the Convener shall take early steps for the convening of an ad hoc meeting of the Departmental Promotion Committee and after considering the claims of such persons,revise, if necessary, the provisional portion of the select list. The provisional portion of the select list, if revised, shall be made absolute following the procedure laid down in sub clause (8) above and the process repeated wherever necessary.
  • (12) The recommendations made by the Departmental Promotion Committees shall be treated as recommendations having the approval of the Public Service Commission, and the convention regarding acceptance of the advice of the Commission shall apply to them. In cases where the Commission has been consulted, the convention regarding consultation with the Commission shall similarly apply to the final recommendations made by the Commission.
  • (13) Candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes shall not be Superseded for appointment to Selection categories or grades by the application of too rigid a standard of suitability. The Departmental Promotion Committees may consider the case of such candidates sympathetically by relaxing the standard of suitability where possible, and only the claims of those whom the committee considers unsuitable even by the relaxed standards should be superseded for appointment to such selection categories or grades.
  • (14) Notwithstanding anything contained under this rule, the Government may by order effect promotion/appointments by transfer notionally without monetary benefit of pay and allowances but with consequential pensionary benefits, to a pensioner without having to follow the procedures such as preparation, publication and review of select list by convening the Departmental Promotion Committee, if it is found later on after his retirement that he would have become eligible at any time during the course of his service for being promoted or appointed to such posts, categories or grades in that service had due procedure according to the rule existing at that time or made applicable thereafter been followed at the appropriate time.
     28 A. Notwithstanding anything contained in these Rules or in the Special Rules, in the case of appointment to the post of Heads of Departments, direct recruitment shall be resorted to in the absence of suitable persons for appointment by promotion or by transfer. Appointment by promotion or by transfer shall be made on the basis of merit and ability, seniority being considered only when merit and ability are approximately equal. Merit and ability shall be assessed by the authority competent in the Government to make such appointments: Provided that the lists for consideration for appointment by promotion or by transfer to the posts shall not ordinarily consist of members of service who do not have at least one year of service before the date of their superannuation after appointment to such a post.