Confidential Reports



The first page of Confidential Report should be filled up by the Officer reported upon and submitted to the Reporting Officer within the prescribed time limit. Reportee must submit a self appraisal along with the prescribed form. A Reportee shall submit a confidential report on transfer or promotion of self or on transfer or promotion of the Reporting Officer. The entire period of service of a Government servant should be covered by these reports. Where any period of a subordinate service has not been covered by a report the reasons for such ommission shall be recorded.

Reporting Officer

The Head of every Department/Office should regard it as his personal and special responsibility to ensure that Annual Confidential Reports are properly maintained in respect of all persons working under their control. Superior officers should see that no portion of a subordinate's service report has been left uncovered. Default on the part of an officer in the preparation and maintenance of Confidential Reports on his subordinates should be mentioned in the Confidential Report on the Reporting Officer as a point of failure in his duty.

Reviewing Officer

The reviewing officer if satisfied with report of the reporting officer had made him; he/she shall record remarks to that effect. If not satisfied with the report, reviewing officer may change the grading and record necessary remarks.


In the case of Section Officers and Under Secretaries, the Secretary of the Department records his remarks after the reporting and reviewing authorities have assessed and given the grades unless the Secretary himself is Reviewing Officer. and Under Secretaries.

Accepting Authority

In respect of AO/FO/LO Grade I, Senior Grade I (Deputy Secretary and above) the Minister concerned shall be the Accepting Authority. If Accepting Authority is satisfied with the report will accept with that effect.

Confidential Report of Officers on Deputation

The Confidential Report of officers on deputation (Section Officer and Under Secretary) should be reported by the Head of Department and reviewed by Secretary concerned. The Non Gazetted officials on deputation may submit his/her Confidential Report to the next level officer for reporting and the reviewing will be done by, to whom the Reporting Officer reports.