Enrollment of Secretariat Officers in SCORE

1. Login to www.score.kerala.gov.in.
2. Click Login > Register
3. In the Registration window enter the pen and Date of Birth. Then click check. If the given details are correct. More details from spark will be available if the given information is correct.
4. In the details are found correct, enter the mobile number, email address, parent department and then click register.
5. Password will be generated through an SMS in mobile after the verification of details.
6. After receiving the user name, password, the officer can login to SCORE portal and submit one line Confidential Report ( e-CR).

Enrollment of Officers other than Secretariat staff

The officers to comes under the purview of spark can register in the SCORE using PEN and Date of Birth
The officers who do not come under the purview of spark, the following details are to be submitted to the GA (CR Cell) Department.
a. Name (in block letters)
b. Aadhaar Number
c. Designation
d. Name of Department/Institution
e. Date from which he/she hold the post
f. Mobile Number